Vacation Rental Websites & Web Applications

As most hosts on Airbnb are aware, they have recently changed their policy to favor their guests. This has a lot of hosts up in arms and are thinking about leaving, and rightfully so.

Many hosts have opted to build their own vacation rental website to manage bookings, collect payments and more all on their own platform. They don’t have to pay the fees to Airbnb, and are free to set their own policies in place.

When building a vacation rental website, it is important to consider that you will most likely need a fully-built web application to manage all of your vacation rentals. Unless you want a simple website where they can request dates and you handle the rest, building a vacation rental web application is the way to go.

A vacation rental web application can include all of your vacation rentals linked to one centralized place where you set pricing, blackout dates, minimum nightly stays, and more. This can also keep track of all of your bookings, messages, automated texts to the guests, notes about the property, and everything else you can think of.

When building a vacation rental website and web application, it can be as custom or as simple as you want it to be. They are specifically built for your vacation rental business.

Integrations and the exporting of data is possible to keep your systems currently in place.

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