Why Should I Start A PPC Campaign?

Timing is everything when it comes to PPC. You need to have an ideal customer in mind. You cannot expect to get a great landing page built in a single day and start a campaign. Although it is possible, it will not be tested. It is best to run it slowly a month or so before you really want to dive into pay per click as testing is extremely important to a successful PPC campaign.

Generally, it is better to set aside profits from customers generated from your website and make it your PPC fund. With your website is creating customers from organic (free) SEO listings, it gives you more room to spend for your online marketing. If you designate a certain amount each month for PPC, you will be driving more visitors to a landing page that will attempt to turn them into paying customers.

Each month, you will be able to find out if the PPC campaign is profitable. Once you find out how profitable, you should reinvest a portion of the profits from the PPC campaign along with your designated amount each month. If you do this correctly, you will end up extremely busy that it will be hard to keep up. That is when we can pause the campaign and let you catch back up.

Once a PPC campaign is paused, it is a simple change to make it active again. The good thing about this is we already know that it is tested and working properly. Although testing and consistently optimizing never ends, we will have improved the campaign to convert better than the original version.