How We Amplified Our Clients Traffic

We were approached by a potential client with an idea.

After three months of building their brand new website, it was finally ready for content to be added. Within six months of continual content creation, promotion, SEO, conversion optimization, and other services, we generated sixty-one thousand visitors.

Within a year, we took an idea and transformed it into a full-time thriving business.

So, how did we do it? While we can’t go into exact details, we are able to give you a brief overview of the process we used.


Before we even started any type of building, we had to do all the research and come up with strategic plans. Once we found out their idea had enough traffic to be viable, we needed to run a competitive analysis to see if it was even possible to beat the brands surrounding their idea. The analysis came back, and the news was good. After several more conversations, we agreed to build their website.


We got the design for the home page right the first time, thankfully. They loved it. From there, we built an interior page and again, they loved it. We added all of our content that we wrote which was optimized for SEO based on the keywords we set in our strategic plans. After that, we built their contact page and their site was finally ready to launch.

After We Launched.

After we launched their website, we started content marketing and the promotion process. Each post we added was optimized specifically for certain keywords through our proven SEO methods, and we started seeing their pages rise through the ranks. We added multiple new posts each week for several months.

After we were done adding content, our primary focus moved towards SEO and conversion optimization. We tested for weeks to improve their conversion rate and finally found something that was converting much better than we originally anticipated.

Their traffic was growing consistently at this point as well, so it made testing super easy. Each day there were about 1,000 unique people going to their website. This sample size was perfect for what we were doing, so it made the testing process a lot faster. We ranĀ five different tests a week for several weeks until we agreed upon the best converting design.

This client was very pleased with their results. If you have any questions or would like to work with us, contact us here.