Look At This Consistent Conversion Rate

For over a year, this client has been making 35% of their visitors do exactly what they want. What is your websites conversion rate?

Some people have asked questions, and no, this client is not the same from our other client about how we amplified their traffic.

For several years, we have worked with this client continually working on their website. It’s got to a point where they are consistently converting more than a third of their visitors, which is extremely impressive!

Before we started on their new website, they weren’t tracking anything. They had no analytics on their website, and the company they worked with previously would not respond to any emails. It was quite unfortunate not to be able to see their conversion rate before and after the new website, but there was nothing we could do.

Their building process was quick and painless. It took a few weeks to start getting approvals, and within a month or two, we had everything ready to launch.

From there, we began improving their SEO and started testing their website using conversion optimzation. Traffic started flowing, increasing over time until they were flatlining. With only so many searches per month, your traffic will eventually remain consistent.

However, even if your traffic remains the same, your conversion rate can greatly differ. We tried things that worked, and things that didn’t. After months of testing, we agreed upon a final design and it’s been converting at 35% ever since.

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