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Mobile Website Optimization

When it comes to mobile website optimization, there are several things we do. For now, we are going to talk about high definition images. High definition images, or retina images, are used specifically on mobile devices like tablets and cell phones. Depending on the phone you have in your pocket, the number of pixels in your screen may be the same as your computer screen at home — or bigger! The more pixels you have, the brighter and more vivid the display is.

Retina images are larger photos of a higher resolution to display more details on tablet and mobile devices. This will show crisp, high-quality images on your website which will positively impact your visitor’s experience. Over 46% of searches are done on a cell phone exclusively. This means your visitors will be able to see crisp and clear images rather than the photo automatically adjusting to their incredibly large screen size, and making the pictures, your logo, etc. appear blurry. This can cause your viewers to not get a good first impression, and may ultimately lose

Did you know over 46% of searches are made exclusively on a cell phone? This means your visitors will be able to see clear images rather than blurry ones. Do you really want to risk losing customers due to a poor first impression because the photos are blurry?

Don’t lose customers because of something as simple as a blurry image. Make sure your mobile website is retina ready, and all your photos are crisp, clear and easily viewable. If you’re interested in learning more about high definition images, how they apply to mobile websites or would like to generate more customers, contact us today.